Do You Collect Cowboys?

I collect cowboys….at least it seems that way when I reflect back on the cowboy heroes I’ve written in my books.  I’m always browsing blogs about the Old West and Cowboys.  Recently I came across a hubpage by wannabwestern and she shared a list of cowboy types that I thought I’d pass along to you.

I’m partial to the rodeo cowboy, the working cowboy, the loner or drifter cowboy and the gunfighter cowboy.

Cowboy throwing lasso

Which cowboy from the list below is your favorite?

The working cowboy/wranglers
The Rodeo Cowboy
The Vaquero
The gunfighter
The Outlaw
The Caballero (Gentlemen cowboys/nobility amongst their own kind)
The Dude (weekender cowboy visiting a dude ranch)
The Hollywood Cowboy
The Loner or Drifter
The Cowboy Artist
The Urban Cowboy (lives in the city-parties at the cowboy dance halls)



The Cowboy Next Door (July 2013)
Twins Under the Christmas Tree (Oct 2013)
Her secret Cowboy (Feb 2014)



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