Cowboy Poetry: S. Omar Barker


S. Omar Barker (1894–1985) was born in a log cabin in New Mexico where he lived his entire life as a rancher, teacher and writer. He published many books, including Vientos de las Sierras (1924), Buckaroo Ballads (1928) and Rawhide Rhymes: Singing Poems of the Old West (Doubleday, 1968). Barker’s best known poem “A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer” has been printed more than one hundred times and recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford and Jimmy Dean.

This is one of my favorite cowboy poems. Do you think Jimmy Dean does justice to A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer?


4 thoughts on “Cowboy Poetry: S. Omar Barker

  1. Thanks for bringing Jimmy Dean to us today. He’s long been a favorite, and
    yes, he does a great job with this Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer!
    Pat c.

  2. Jimmy Dean was wonderful on ALL his (as he would call them) resortations!!(probably not spelt right -LOL) His voice was perfect for them!

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