December Wild West Trivia

The first Monday of each month I post a Wild West Trivia Question. Please leave your answer or best guess in the comment section of the blog post for a chance to win one of my books. At the end of the week, I’ll draw a name from all those who entered the contest and post the winner’s name in the comment section–be sure to check back to see who wins!

Question: What famous outlaw wore socks over his boots during his robberies so that he couldn’t be tracked?  He considered himself a gentleman outlaw and enjoyed taunting his victims by leaving little bits of poetry behind in empty strongboxes to confuse those that would pursue him.  He was eventually arrested in 1883 after dropping a handkerchief with an identifying laundrymark at the sight of one of his stagecoach robberies.  He was sentenced to San Quentin Prison for six years, but had his sentence shortened to four years for good behavior.  A short time after his release, he disappeared and was never heard from again.

Black Bart


20 thoughts on “December Wild West Trivia

  1. Charles E. (presumably Early) Bowles ( Black Bart)

    Interesting stories/life history, what with how rich he was, how he looked (like in the picture), how he was caught, his disappearance later on, etc. Yup. As Arte Johnson would say, “verrry interesting”….

  2. And the winner of this month’s trivia contest is….. Carolyn Valdez! My thanks to everyone for answering December’s Wild West Trivia question! I hope you’ll return in January to see what my next trivia question is!

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