Cowboy Lingo: Bear Sign

Bear Sign — cowboy term for donuts.  A cook who could and would make them was highly regarded.


Quick Fry Donuts: Chronicle of the old west

The following recipe for  doughnuts came from the March 17, 1885 Daily Missoulian.  Obviously, anyone making these doughnuts will  want to find a substitute for fat as a cooking oil.

Put a frying kettle half  full of fat over the fire to heat.  Shift  together one pound of flour, one teaspoonful each of salt and bicarbonate of  soda, and half a saltspoon full of grated nutmeg.

Beat half a pound of butter to a cream and  add them to the flour.  Beat the yokes of  two eggs to a cream, add them to the first-named ingredients, beat the whites  to a stiff froth and reserve them.

Mix  into the flour and sugar enough sour milk to make a soft dough and then quickly  add the whites of the eggs.  Roll out the  paste at once, shape and fry.


5 thoughts on “Cowboy Lingo: Bear Sign

  1. Well, since it’s pre-breakfast here, I was getting these mouth-watering feelings, but then I read the recipe, yikes, that’s a recipe for a heart attack! But I love doughnuts, too! I do my best to stay away from them!

    I LOVE your blogs/emails, Marin. And my copy of Will’s story should be in my mailbox by tomorrow. I’m excited! I hope all is going well for you.
    Cheers, Hilda.

    • Hi Hilda–thanks for dropping by the blog! I know…donuts are sooo bad for you but I tell myself that once in a while it’s okay to have a couple 🙂 Thank you for ordering Her Secret Cowboy–I hope you enjoy it! Life is good…our weather is going to heat up this week–we might break a record and hit 90 which is way too warm for Feb but I’d rather sweat a little than freeze so I won’t complain. Hope all is well with you and your family!

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