Chuck Wagon Recipe

Dutch Oven Trout

As soon as possible after catching your trout,
clean them and wipe the inside and outside of the trout
with a cloth wet with vinegar water.

Don’t put the trout in the water.
Roll the trout in a mixture of flour,
dry powdered milk,
salt and pepper.

Heat deep fat in a Dutch oven and fry until crisp and golden brown.



4 thoughts on “Chuck Wagon Recipe

  1. I had plenty of fresh caught trout fried this way, but my mom never used the vinegar water or the powered milk or cornmeal. Just flour and seasonings. Crunchy skin, flaky meat. Yum.

    • Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by the blog…I have to confess I grew up on cod fried in beer batter (It’s a Wisconsin favorite) and my grandparents were big on the Friday night fish fries 🙂 My cousins went trout fishing and my aunt had a variety of recipes she used to cook the trout.

    • LOL, Lynn–you really had to tough it at the dinner table didn’t you 🙂 We ate hamburger because it was cheap and I think I was close to eighteen before I had my first steak– at a friend’s cookout. I’m not a huge meat eater but I love a good filet and loaded bake potato every once in a while.

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