June Wild West Trivia

The first Monday of each month I post a Wild West Trivia Question. Please leave your answer or best guess in the comment section of the blog post for a chance to win one of my books. At the end of the week, I’ll draw a name from all those who entered the contest and post the winner’s name in the comment section–be sure to check back to see who wins!

Question: What famous frontiersman and hunter died near St. Louis in 1820 at the age of eighty-five and what did he keep under his bed?

Here’s a clue….
daniel boone


23 thoughts on “June Wild West Trivia

  1. Daniel Boone. Coffin.
    Wow. So many parts of this story are interesting.
    Interesting how it was soon after his wife died that he had a coffin made out of black walnut for himself.
    Interesting that he kept it under his bed for several years and would often take it out and lie down on it.
    Interesting how when a stranger died in the community, he gave that coffin for the stranger.
    Interesting how he had another made of cherry for himself, also placed under his bed until his time to be buried beside his wife.
    Yup, interesting is my word of the day, LOL.

  2. Amazing man, that Daniel Boone. Who but him could sleep with a coffin under his bed? I love these questions and the answers!

  3. Daniel Boone and a coffin and I spent 15 minutes lookign this up – I did not cheat from the previouss answers. I could write a book about Daniel Boone now

  4. Congratulations to Sandie White–the winner of my June Wild West Trivia Contest! There’s a lot of information on Daniel Boone and his famous coffin– http://www.historicstcharles.com/about-us/history/daniel-boone/ –I hope everyone enjoyed learning about one of our countries most famous pioneers. My contest is now on hiatus until September while hubby and I move from Phoenix to Houston and get settled. I hope you’ll return in the fall for more trivia fun–Until then enjoy your summer!

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