Your Most Memorable Christmas Gift

My most memorable Christmas gift as a child was the Easy-Bake Oven.


I had a lot of fun making those little cake mixes in that oven and I held on to the toy for years even after it no longer worked.

What’s your most memorable Christmas gift as a child?

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27 thoughts on “Your Most Memorable Christmas Gift

  1. Mine would probably my Barbie dolls. I played with them a lot and I still have them although they are in bad shape after 50 some years. We bought my son an easy bake oven years ago to make creepy crawlers in, we could find a creepy crawler machine.

    • Quilt Lady–thanks for sharing your favorite childhood gift memory–I can’t even tell you the number of Barbie Dolls I asked for through the years. Mine got handed down to my younger sister so they got a lot of “love” and use over the years 🙂

      • I never had a barbie. I got 2 dolls. different christmases. One was a Chrissy Doll who had auburn hair and it grew. But My FAVORITE Was Mrs. Beasley from Family Affair! One of my brothers would punch her and I would get so upset! Believe it or not I still have her. She lost her glasses when you pull the string she no longer talks and years ago my sisters dog got in room ate my sapphire post earrings and chewed her fingers and hair. Lol

  2. There were so many memorable gifts. But I would have to say the most memorable would be the My Chatty Cathy Doll. I was 4yrs old and my mother had just had my brother Peter. My dad took my oldest brother and I to the hospital on Christmas Day to see our Mom and I showed her what Santa brought me. I was more interested in showing off my present to the nurses than seeing my new baby brother.

  3. I think my favorite gift as a child was my American Girl dolls. And I mean the original American Dolls, not the ones they have now. But I got 1 for 4 christmas’s in a row. My Mama went all out and got me the doll and all the dresses, accessories, the doll trunks, the beds, the pets. Just everything that went with it. The best part though was my parents would have me open everything else before opening the doll. So I was always trying to figure out which doll I got.

  4. My most favorite gift came after i was older. I was able to travel to Ecuador to see the family i lived with as an exchange student in 1981… the memories made that Christmas were and are & always in my thought. To begin able to see how a different culture celebrates was vry special.

    • Barbara, my daughter was able to travel to Italy and Greece for one summer while she was in college and just like you it made a huge impression on her and she still talks about that trip on and off. I wish all kids in school could travel abroad and see how the rest of the world lives. Thanks for sharing the memory!

  5. I was 7, I think. We lived in Abilene, Texas then…….1961. I got a red bike with saddlebags…..not at basket. Red saddlebags with white fringe and silver conchos that sat across the back of my bike. I remember daddy riding my bike through the living room and out the front door. That bike took me to school every day and all over the neighborhood.

    • Michelle, I’d love to see a picture of that bike! You must have been the coolest kid of the block with saddle bags and conchos, lol! I loved my first bike, too–a purple Huffy. I think it had rust on it by the time I outgrew it.

  6. I was probably 7 or 8 when I got a Dancerina doll. LOL She was a ballerina wearing a pink tutu. She had a tiara on her head and there was a knob in the center that when you turned her switch on and held that knob she’d twirl around the toes of her ballet slippers. I found her again when we were cleaning out my parents’ home after they were both gone, but I’d left the batteries in and the acid had eaten part of her knit tights away.

  7. my husband decided to surprise me with a fancier camera which he did and it recorded our fabulous car trip to Alaska and back!

  8. As a child, my most memorable was the year I got a stack of eight Nancy Drew books. I thought I was in heaven 🙂 I think somewhere there is a picture of me laying on the sofa reading one of them.

    As an adult, I’d have to say that the most memorable was Christmas 1981. My boyfriend at the time gave me a Lenox Christmas plate that was the first in a series of thirteen. They were Christmas wreaths for each of the original colonies, made up of things native to those colonies. A week later he proposed, and I received the rest of the plates each year for the next twelve years. We’ve been married thirty-two years and he always manages to find perfect gifts for Christmas.

  9. I would have to say my Cabbage Patch doll, or dolls I have several. I shared a room with my sister so we had cabbage patch bedding, kitchen set, I guess just about everything to do with them. Oh to be a young child in the 80s.

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