New Years’ Resolutions

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The New Year is almost here….and I’m “thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions. One that tops my list is “to embrace change better”. I’m a creature of habit and change makes me nervous, but a lot of good can come from changing things up so I’m determined to roll with the punches this year!


What is one New Year’s Resolution you’re making?

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48 thoughts on “New Years’ Resolutions

  1. Interesting that you wrote about change, Marin- I blogged about it, too. It’s the biggest thing in our industry (writing) and gets more involved every year. More change! I resolve (attempt) to Focus, Finish, & have some Fun… No, a lotta fun! Life is short!

  2. I am going to do the same resolution I have had for the last 4 years. It is_ for every 10 romance books I read, I am going to read a classic. I have read all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Agatha Christie’s books and Daphne duMaurier. One of her books is now on my favorites list-The Scapegoat .
    On my next year’s list is Hemmingway and Jack London

    oh and eat more chocolate!

  3. After my fall in August, it seems I’ve developed a middle aged bulge muffin top extra love handle so I plan to exercise more and eat healthier. 🙂

  4. I’m not one for resolutions as such, I never keep them, but doable life changes are for me. Thinking before I speak for one. I have foot in mouth disease sometimes.

  5. Since my momma died I’ve stayed home more so I want to do better about getting out and doing more volunteering for the Arthritis Foundation and Paralyzed Veterans of America. Another resolution is to get rid of things I’ve been keeping thinking that I will use them down the road especially clothes. I know that I will never see a size 7 again !! Lol

  6. I do not make resolutions, I set goals. That has a more positive sound!
    My goal is to continue my weight loss in the new year.

  7. My plan is to laugh more and worry less. My daughter is 16 and I want to enjoy her last years at home with us before she goes to college.

    • LOL, Kim! You pack so much into your weeks, months and the year I don’t know if it’s possible to stay completely organized–but I’m thinking you’re one of those people who’s at her best when she’s flying by the seat of her pants–you always come through in the end! *Hugs*

  8. I don’t make resolutions. That just leads to more stress for me and I don’t need that. I plan to get the house more organized. Sort, donate, pack up and/or throw out things. We’re all pack rats and yhis has to change. 2015 will be the year.

    • Marcy, if my husband didn’t change jobs every few years we’d be in big trouble, too! Moving and down-sizing after the kids moved out really helped us get organized. Good luck with the “spring cleaning” in 2015!

  9. My goal is to change from writing as a hobby, into writing and finishing a book. While I was taking care of my daughter (who had MS) and raising my three grandsons I just played at writing. My daughter died 3 years ago and my grandsons are now all teenagers. This is the year I finally write that book.

    • Brenda, *hugs* on the loss of your daughter. After putting everyone else in your life first, it’s your turn to go after one of your dreams, and I know your grandsons will be cheering you on–good luck with finishing the book!

  10. I’m planning on writing a review for every book I read. I started out well in 2014 but then life got in the way; daughter’s high -risk pregnancy, new grandchild, health issues for my 90 yo mom, health issues for my 85 yo F-I-L. It was too easy to let this slide, definitely not fair to the wonderful authors.

    • Laurie–what an amazing goal! But don’t be too hard on yourself, family comes first and since my books center around family issues I know how important the mother is to the family unit–it doesn’t work well without her. If you find the time to do more reviews the authors will certainly appreciate them but sometimes word of mouth works just as well as a written review and telling a friend, co-worker, family member about a book you read and loved goes a long way in helping authors reach new readers. *Hugs* to you –I hope 2015 is a healthy year for your family!

  11. This last year or so has been difficult because I’ve become my mother’s primary caregiver and that has left little time for myself. This years resolution or goal is to make time for myself or else I won’t get it. Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!

    • Lori, I’m sorry to hear your mom is having a tough time but its wonderful that you’re there for her. I hope you can find a way to carve out some time for yourself–caregiving zaps a lot of energy out of you and I’m sure you’ll feel more energized if you take care of yourself. *Hugs*

    • Hi Sharlene–I’ll join you in your organization goal–only mine is going through my mother’s photo albums and separating the photos out then sending them to others in the family–like nieces, nephews, and cousins–better than sitting in boxes where no one sees them or enjoys them. Good luck with dieting!

  12. I don’t make resolutions, I set goals these days. I want to do more to help make people feel better and especially at nursing homes where so many residents have no one to visit them.

    • What a generous heart you have, Sue! A few years ago I took care of an elderly lady for nine months before we moved from Illinois to Phoenix and it was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had in a long time. She was a super sweet lady and although her memory was bad and she never quite remember why I was with her, she loved talking about her childhood–those memories were clear as day and it was fascinating to hear about day to day life back in the 40’s.

  13. I want to spend more time doing thing with my children, not just watching our dropping them off at their activities. I might not get to read as often now, but I want to enjoy my 4 children while they are still home.

    • kyleswaters–that’s a great goal! I can attest to how fast kids grow up–my two are in college and grad school and live in other states. We get to see them for a week here or there throughout the year but it’s never long enough. This empty nest stuff is for the Birds! 🙂

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