I love roosters—blame it on the farming genes from my father’s side of the family. Years ago I walked into a gift shop in Spring, Texas, and spotted a red metal rooster on display. The salesclerk caught me admiring it and asked if I had a rooster in my kitchen. I didn’t. I told her we had just moved into a new house that week and that I wasn’t sure how I wanted to decorate the kitchen. The lady insisted that I couldn’t leave the shop without a rooster. Then she spent the next half hour explaining that the kitchen is the heart of the home and every kitchen needed a rooster for good luck, health and prosperity—one can never have too many roosters in a house! I left the store with not one but three roosters.

Over the years I’ve added to my collection. Two moves ago while unpacking, I discovered a rooster drawing my father had done in high school, so I framed that and hung it my laundry room. I have rooster wall art, rooster dishes, rooster candle holders and rooster clocks. There are even roosters in the garden–not real ones.


I was forced to retire most of my roosters with our move to Houston—much to my husband’s dismay. We down-sized and there just aren’t enough walls and cabinets in the house to display all of them. But I am carrying on the tradition with my kids. When my son and daughter moved into their new apartments last fall, I sent them each a rooster to bless their new digs.

zzzrooster 4

zzzrooster 5

Surprisingly both kids have them on display, but they insisted one was enough and I shouldn’t send them anymore roosters. I guess I understand, considering that one day they’ll inherit my entire collection.

Do you have any roosters in your home?

Happy Collecting!


16 thoughts on “Roosters

    • Hi Sandy–thanks for stopping by the blog! I love the bright colors I see on so many roosters and my favorite are the rustic metal ones, but I’ll snatch up anything that looks cute 🙂 Have a great week!

  1. I have a rooster cookie cutter but that is about it. I have a kitchen full of pigs. You mention you are collecting pigs and everyone gets you one. I ran out of room for pigs and not I collect thimbles from different places. Their not as big.

  2. A couple in the house, but mostly in the backyard! For some unknown reason The Neighbor
    feels he has to have chickens. The count is at 2 roosters and sometimes a couple of chickens.
    They don’t stay in their own yard, they migrate into ours and stand on the patio, crowing at the

    • LOL, Pat! It’s probably not funny when they get you up at the crack of dawn on the weekend 😦 I knew someone who raised chickens for the eggs, but they gave up after a year–said it was too much work.

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