What’s There To Love About March?

March is that yucky month when the weather can’t decide if it wants to remain winter or shoot full speed ahead into spring. But here are a few reasons I zzmarch8 March

1) March Madness (college basketball tournament)


2) Girl Scout cookies


3)Daylight savings time


4) Spring Break for students all over the country


5) Opening Day of baseball season at the end of the month


6) Mardi Gras


Name one thing you love about March!



18 thoughts on “What’s There To Love About March?

  1. One thing I love about March? It isn’t February? lol No, my #1 daughter was born 33 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day. And, no, I did not name her Patricia! She is named after my mom who passed away 14 years before she was born. And THAT is my favorite part of March – Tina Jo!

  2. I love March because Spring is around the corner including Easter for the religious aspects and hub ting eggs for the kid aspect! 🙂

    • LOL, I knew what you meant 🙂 I, too have a love/hate relationship with my smart phone 🙂 Thanks for bringing up Easter egg hunts–that brings back fond memories of when my kids were little 🙂

  3. Hi Marin. I’ve got my GB cookies ordered already. 😉 I also love corned beef and cabbage, so I’ll be having that several times in March. I put mine in the slow cooker and ignore it all day. LOL

  4. Just got my Girl Scout cookies the other day. March 14th is special because that’s when my older of my two boys was born. He’ll be 36 this year…..and 3 weeks later his sister will be 37! How the years fly by! Next week I’ll be tearing my hair out since Spring Break means 4 boys with me, all day (ages 5-12). I’m praying for warmer weather so they can go outside some. Fun times!

  5. LOL, Wrongwaymichelle! I’ll be praying for nice weather for you, too! 4 Boys age 12 and under…your house will never recover form their visit if you can’t get them outside for a while 🙂 Have fun with your guys!

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