Spring Flowers

For some Spring is right around the corner and for others it’s farther down the road, but there are already signs of spring popping up in my neighborhood. The grocery store is selling outdoor patio ferns and I plan to buy a couple before they’re all sold out. I always think of my grandmother in the spring…she loved flowers, especially red roses.


Here’s some interesting “Rose” trivia:
For a long time, roses were the most popular flowers in the world.

The oldest rose fossils were found in Colorado. They were dated back to over thirty-five million years old.


Ancient Egyptians considered roses their most sacred flower.

In 1986, Congress voted to make the rose, America’s national flower.

The Rose of Great Britain was the symbol of the Royal Family and later became one of its national flowers.

The world’s leading exporter of roses is the Netherlands.

Woman prefers pastel colored roses, while men prefer red.


Thorns from the rose of Scotland slowed down a sudden Viking attack, giving the Scots a chance to escape. However, the rose of Scotland is actually a weed like plant known as ‘the wild thistle’.


What’s your favorite flower?



27 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. I love daffodils and tulips in my yard. They symbolize spring to me. Of course, I have a rose bush but my wisteria is so pretty when it blooms! My favorite flower for bouquets inside is the carnation. They are inexpensive, colorful , long-lasting and smell great! They cheer me up no matter what my mood is.

  2. I love tulips and always have but I have never had much luck growing them. I think maybe the moles eat the bulbs. I notices the dafidiles are popping up beside my house and we just had a big snow this last week.

  3. Great post, Marin! I did a lot of research into roses for my last book as the hero was a rosarian by trade, and it was all quite fascinating.

    Red is my favorite color, so I do love red roses (any rose, actually), but I’m also very fond of stargazer lilies. I encountered them for the first time back in my twenties when I was a bridesmaid and stargazer lilies were in my bouquet. They were gorgeous and they smelled so exquisite I could barely concentrate on the ceremony!

    • Tracie-thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! I looked up the stargazer lily and realized I’ve seen them before in bouquet but never smelled one–next time I’ll make sure to do the sniff test 🙂 And if I ever need info on roses, I know who to go to now!

  4. Being from Texas I love wildflowers including bluebonnet Indian paint brushes and buttercups but my favorite of course is yellow roses. If you get a chance go to Texas in late Spring. The Highway medians are flowing with the above mentioned wildflowers! ! My momma’s spray was wildflowers with yellow roses. She will have been gone 3 years next month! She loved her wildflowers!

  5. I love spring flowers. Daffodils, jonquils and lily of the valley are some of my favorites. My mother loved purple hyacinth. Still too much snow on the ground here in Michigan to see flowers, but we have had sun for the last couple days. *fingers crossed*

  6. Roses always remind me of my Papaw. He could grow some of the prettiest you’ve ever seen. My favorites are tulips. Any size and color. They were always my mom favorite and remind me of her.

    • Hi Anna–thanks for stopping by the blog! What a sweet memory of your Papaw 🙂 I’m a huge tulip fan, too and they come in such beautiful colors now. My mother used to plant yellows and reds in clusters and pinks and whites.

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