Dishing Dirt

Who hasn’t picked up a gossip magazine next to the check-out while waiting in line at the grocery store? The other day while I was reading why Tony Danza broke down on the Dr. Oz show, I had an epiphany. Gossip magazines are marketed to women—not men. What does that say about us ladies?


There were at least five different magazines with flashy covers–bright pink, blue, yellow and purple. The stories—celebrity pregnancies, baby bump photos, affairs, breakups, children’s birthday parties, and fashion snapshots were all written with women in mind.


By the time my grocery cart was next in line, I was grateful for my every day, normal, boring life. I wouldn’t swap a day of it with any celebrity—not even Angelina Jolie!


Your turn to confess! Do you read gossip magazines? Which stories interest you the most?



21 thoughts on “Dishing Dirt

  1. Will admit I use to. But these days I prefer to read all my books. I see a lot of people on planes reading them and one lady told me it was her flying guilty pleasure. I just think it’s a waste of paper that gets trashed when they are through reading them

  2. I was able to get cheap subscriptions to a couple of them for $10 per year and I flip through them when they arrive. I don’t look for any particular stories. I mostly look at the pictures and probably read 3-4 stories. I used to only buy them for vacations, but with the low price, it was cheaper to get a year subscription. After I’m finished with these and other magazines, I take them to the recycle center. If the magazines have a peel off address label, I will donate them to my local library.

  3. I don’t read a lot of gossip magazines. People magazine and Hello are the two I read most. I like HELLO mag, because it give me all the updates on the Royal family…

  4. I used to read Soap Opera Digest, back when I followed soaps, but I’ve never read any of those magazines except for People when I’m at the doctor’s office. I’m not that interested in the topics or the people they cover.

  5. I do not read gossip magazine or magazines at all unless I am in a doctors office with noting else to do. Just give me a good book and I am good to go.

  6. For the most part I’m not interested. We actually started getting one free with another magazine that we ordered. I find myself tossing it more times than not. I rather read a book 🙂

  7. I guess i’m boring I don’t read those gossip magazines at all. I get too much enjoyment from the books I read. I don’t follow the Hollywood scene so those magazines do nothing for me. My books are all I need for entertainment!!!

  8. I don’t buy them, but if for some reason I’ve forgotten my e-reader *painful gasp* I will read them in a waiting room. I actually like People magazine because many of the stories are about real people, not celebrities. (That sounds funny but you know what I mean. LOL)

  9. I might look at a cover while in line to checkout, otherwise, I don’t read gossip magazines at all. And I sometimes look through People, Better Homes & Gardens, or Rolling Stone but I never buy them either.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by the blog! I find myself browsing through the Home & Garden in the spring and summer while I wait at check-outs. I’ve always wanted to do a total yard make-over but its never been in the budget 🙂

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