Bucket List

Have you thought of making a Bucket List?

zzzzbucxketThe older I grow the more I think about the things I’d like to do before I “kick the bucket” or can’t remember that I wanted to do them in the first place. High up on my bucket list is driving Route 66.


 And I want to take the trip in style and drive the Mother Road in a 59′ Caddy.


What’s on your Bucket List?

  ***If you’re on Pinterest be sure to check out the images on my Route 66 Board https://www.pinterest.com/cowboyauthor/route-66/




17 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I would love to visit Italy, my brother has been there and he says it’s absolutely beautiful. I would also love to take a train to all the National Parks between Texas and the west coast.

  2. Travel, for sure. Not just Europe, New Zealand, Australia but the U.S., too. There are tons of places here in Texas I’ve never been to even after living here most of my life. I’d love to take my sons and visit all the restaurants shown on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Tour Canada by train and checkout rodeo, Canadian style. Ride on a helicopter, touring the Christmas lights. Damn! I’m already 60. Guess I better get busy!

  3. Traveling is always fun to add to the bucket list. My hubby and I have been on parts of 66, but not all of it. This year we are making a trip up the west coast on 1 and visiting some lighthouses. We are still deciding if we will be adding Canada and Alaska to the trip.

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