A Cowboy’s Redemption…RT Top Pick!

I’m excited to share that the first book in my new series for Harlequin American Romance has received a TOP PICK from RT Book Reviews Magazine!


 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick!

Former rodeo star Cruz Rivera stumbles upon a rundown cantina and a family who needs help. Having spent the last 12 years in prison, all Cruz wants is to move on. Sara Mendez, a pediatric nurse and single mother, sees the good in Cruz and hopes his helping with the cantina will lead to something more permanent. Cruz knows he is not what Sara and her daughter need, but when the heart gets involved, all good intentions are often muted. The first Cowboys of the Rio Grande story is a bittersweet tale of redemption and hope. Soaked in realism, as one man struggles to forgive himself and secure a future with the woman and child he’s grown to love.~ Tori Benson

 A Cowboys Redemption Med

Back Cover Blurb:

 June 2015


Cruz Rivera is on his last second chance. He can’t afford to blow it by falling for the beautiful blonde widow who just hired him to fix up her family’s New Mexico property. If he’s going to get back on the rodeo circuit, Cruz needs to focus. Besides, a sweet single mom like Sara Mendez can do better than someone with Cruz’s troubled history. Sara isn’t making it easy for Cruz to keep his distance. He’s a man of many secrets, but Sarah sees only good in his warm brown eyes. Though Cruz knows he should move on before Sara discovers the truth about his past, he can’t leave the closest thing to a home he’s ever known. Cruz is the only man Sara wants—can he become the one she deserves?


I’m giving away three copies of the book–I hope you’ll enter and put A Cowboy’s Redemption on your To-Read shelf!



Have you entered the giveaway yet?




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