Mother’s Day Memories-Time to Brag About Your Kids!


Yesterday was my first ever Mother’s Day that I celebrated without my kids. My son is finishing up college in Phoenix and my daughter is in grad school in St. Louis and although I’m so happy that they’re both following their dreams it was a lonely day. Earlier in the week the kids had sent me a little gift–a garden in a bucket, then cards followed and yesterday they called–I probably kept them on the phone longer than they wanted to be. But after I hung up, I realized that they’d given me the greatest gift of all without even knowing it–they’d grown up to become genuinely nice, caring people who were both choosing careers in which they would serve and help the less fortunate. I decided that I would gladly spend all my Mother’s Days alone if they continued to be such awesome young adults


Now it’s your turn…I want to hear how awesome your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews are–or tell me how did you spent your Mother’s Day?



16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Memories-Time to Brag About Your Kids!

  1. My children surprised me Friday afternoon by showing up to be with me and bring 5 of 6 grandkids with them – they left late Saturday evening, to be able to Celebrate Mothers Day with their families on Sunday. Sunday for me was very hard since I have just lost my Mom on 3/10 of this year –

    • Teresa, I wish I could tell you it gets easier with each passing Mother’s Day after you lose a mom but it hasn’t been the case for me. This July will be 9 years since I lost my mother and not a day goes by that I still don’t talk to her in my head 🙂 But I’m glad your kids and grandkids kept you busy yesterday-I’m sure your mother was smiling down on your family and there with you in spirit. *Hugs*

  2. On Saturday my brother hosted a family get together at his house, with him and his wife, my husband and I, my mom, and my daughter and her husband. Good food and lots of fun.

    Yesterday was a quiet day at home. My husband had brought me roses on Friday 🙂 and last weekend he brought home our traditional Mother’s Day geranium that’s now in a hanging basket on the porch. My daughter called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day again, and my son and I chatted online.

    I miss seeing my kids every day, but like you, I’m thrilled that they have happy lives of their own…

    • Sounds like you got to celebrate all weekend long and I love the idea of a Mother’s Day geranium! What a nice tradition to look forward to and then to remember the day each time you water the plant 🙂

      • When my husband and his twin brother were little, their dad always took them to get a geranium for their mom for Mother’s Day. My husband continued the tradition with our kids, and now that they’re grown and gone he’s the one to get it for me ❤

  3. I found this Mother’s Day bittersweet. Saturday we moved my mother into an assisted living home after having her with us for 2 years when her health started failing. Yesterday my daughter made me lunch and later homemade scones. She also bought me a CD that I wanted. It has been nice having her here. This fall she starts a MFA program at U of Oregon and even though I’m very proud of her this is the first time she will be living out of state. I’m so proud of the fine young woman she has become. The love and kindness that she is willing to share with everyone makes this mama feel blessed.

    • Lori-congrats to your daughter on her acceptance into grad school in Oregon–you should be proud! I found out just how hard that is when my daughter went through the interview process for Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology–I wish your daughter the best of luck! Being in separate states in no fun and expensive when you’re flying there or flying your kid home for holidays 🙂 I’m glad she was able to spend some time with you this weekend and could help you with moving your mother into assisted living. “Hugs”!

  4. I have been sick for more than a week. – respiratory virus and stomach virus at the same time. My husband and daughter took me to Denny’s for breakfast, but I was too sick to see my Mom who is 80.

  5. I have only one son which is 25 now. He is out of college and is the computer IT at our local library. He still lives at home but I am very proud of him. He has already paid of his college loans. He took me out last weekend for a great Mother’s Day dinner. He choose a weekend that his father was off so we all could go out.

    • Virginia, my son will be 25 this coming October and he took a while figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. He has one more semester of college before he’ll earn his social work degree. If my son was determined to get his student loans paid off like yours is, I’d for sure offer him a spare bedroom 🙂 I miss him a lot. Enjoy your time with your son while you still can!

  6. When we were little my 3 older brothers 2 younger sisters and myself would make my momma breakfast in bed served with a homemade card. We just had #4 Mother’s Day without momma. My sisters and I got together for lunch to celebrate her. Best part my son not only called early but invited me over for grilled hamburgers gave me a card and hugged me and kissed my cheek and told me he loved me. Reason why I am writing this is because he’s never done much for me on Mother’s Day. Says he doesn’t do mush! 🙂 I’m getting teary now! 🙂

    • LOL, Rosanne! My son doesn’t like all the “emotion” around birthdays, holidays and such but he’s been great about telling me how much he appreciates the upbringing he had–he says it a lot now that he’s interning at the social services department in Phoenix and is seeing first hand how many kids struggle in foster care, group homes and schools. I think its great that your son made you dinner…I hope it becomes a tradition for you two 🙂

      • I hope so too Marin. We have both come such a long way. Have dealt with alot especially losing my momma in 2012. My son has always been angry with no one to call dad and his momma having a crippling disease and limited in what I can do. Every time he shows the positive side it makes me so happy more than you’ll ever know! ! 🙂

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