Are you an Elvis Fan?

Elvis was before my time, but my friend’s mother had all his records and we’d play them over and over and dance in the living room. That memory has stayed with me all my life–maybe because way back then, we thought life was pretty simple–you know, before we grew up and realized differently.


There’s just something about Elvis and his music that’s always stuck with me….


When I’m writing my books, I like to bring in bits and pieces of the past if I can and while working on the rough draft of my first women’s fiction book for Penguin/NAL (The Promise of Forgiveness March 2016)I created a diner in the small town of Unforgiven, Oklahoma, called the Jailhouse Diner, and put that restaurant inside an Airstream trailer.

zzzelvis diner

The diner is owned and operated by an Osage Indian named Jimmy, who dresses up like Elvis. He even wears his jet-black hair in the famous pompadour style complete with wet locks falling onto his forehead and mutton-chop sideburns. Of course the diner is decorated with Elvis memorabilia.


Are you an Elvis fan? If not, what famous Bad Boy do you lust after?



24 thoughts on “Are you an Elvis Fan?

  1. Have always been an Elvis fan. Have his music on my playlist. The strangest thing is my Mom and Elvis were born the same day
    I was born the day his Mom died and he died on my sister’s 18th birthday

  2. I am and always will be an Elvis fan.. I can tell you to almost the exact moment where I was and what I was doing on the day he died. I can telly you the first Elvis movie I saw… VIva Las Vegas. Long live the KING..

    • Kathleen, now that you mentioned knowing what you were doing and where you were when you heard Elvis had died made me think he’s one of those select few people in history who made such an impact on others…like Martin Luther King and JFK

  3. I am a huge Elvis fan. There will never be another one like him. I was lucky enough to go to his concert the year before he died. It was wonderful and I’ll never forget it.

  4. Elvis was a great singer, especially when he sang spiritual music. He was a very talented man. So many unforgettable songs! I remember him singing Jailhouse Rock on the Ed Sullivan show, a must watch program in our house.

  5. I guess I’m ambivalent where Elvis is concerned, but I have friends who are still nuts for him–and some are younger even than you. Honestly, the only movie I loved was based on the book PIONEER GO HOME. I can’t remember the name of the movie, but it was cute. I think his movies all fell into that category. He certainly has fans.
    When we were on a UK/Ireland tour, we were crossing from England to Ireland on a large ferry. There was a bus from Germany filled with an Elvis fan club going to a concert in Ireland. The driver dressed as an Elvis impersonator and the club members dressed in their idea of 1950s clothes–poodle skirts, leather jackets, bobby socks, etc.. Such fun they were having! But the immigration people had NO sense of humor and gave them a hard time. I thought it a shame because they were just having a lovely holiday. The immigration people spent so much time searching their bus that they waved ours on through.

    • That’s wild, Caroline, that Immigration held the group of Elvis fans up–who knows what they were suspicious of. I get such a kick out of watching film from his concerts and seeing all the girls go crazy for me. When we toured the music hall of fame in Nashville a few years ago they said Elvis haunts the studio where he recorded 🙂

  6. I have always been an Elvis fan as long as I can remember. Yes I do have some of his music and listen to it now. I can remember as a kid trying to watch his movies and my brother out in the yard moving the antenna to try and get the station in. My brother was a hugh fan. Was it really before our time? Elvis will always be with us I think.

  7. I have some of his albums. My momma used to say he had her birthday as they were born on 1-8 but her year 1934 and his 1935. My favorite song is Love Me Tender.

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