Summer is here!

Summer is here-yeah! In Houston that means high humidity combined with high temps and swarms of nasty mosquitoes.



I grew up in Wisconsin in a house with no air-conditioning and some summer nights it was unbearable and no one in the family could sleep. Mom would let us kids stay up late and we’d sit outside on the front porch and eat popcorn and drink Kool-Aid.


Here in Houston there are no basements and even though we live in a one-story house, it was built in the early 50’s with not-so-good insulation so it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Our go-to place to cool off in the summer is the movie theater. We see more movies in June, July and August than at any other time of the year.


 Do you have a favorite go-to spot in your house or a place you like to visit when it’s too hot outside?




23 thoughts on “Summer is here!

  1. Being in the military we moved around a lot. I grew up in MI so I understand the too warm Summer nights with no AC, and we’d have koolaid and make homemade ice cream (with a hand churned ice cream maker.) FL wasn’t any better but at least we were close to the beach, and when we moved to NM it was a dry hot, and we had a swamp cooler in the house. If we don’t hang out at a friends pool we also tend to see movies. We hit the second run theater, and it is usually pretty quiet since everyone tends to hang out at the beach. We’re in MA now and not too far from the beaches.

    • Alexia, the beach sounds so lovely! Galveston isn’t too far from Houston but EVERYBODY flocks there on the weekends and the traffic is horrible…but it sure would be fun to live in a beach town for a year or two and enjoy that lifestyle during the hot summer months. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Oh the humidity of it all!! I grew up in Indiana. Big old 2 story with no airconditioning. My folks put a huge box fan in the upstairs window and it exhausted the hot air out and made the cooler air enter the house. But that thing sounded like a B-52 coming into land!!

    • LOL, Kate! Those fans “back in the day” sure did sound like airplanes 🙂 We had a swamp cooler in the second house my parents bought but I never noticed a big difference when I was there visiting in the summer months.

  3. I grew up in a house much like yours.. Now I live in a basement apartment where it’s a little cold in the winter and cold in the summer.. So I open all the windows and let the warm summer air in. But I have a beautiful backyard to sit in when it’s nice and warm.. I am one of those people who can’t handle the real humid days and then I am glad that my little apartment is cool on those days.

    • Kathleen, I sure can understand not liking the humidity! I miss Phoenix so much and prefer the dry really hot days to the 80’s with 80 percent humidity we get in Houston. Your basement apartment sounds lovely as does your backyard 🙂

  4. My laundry room is the coolest room in my house. It’s very humid here in North Carolina. On hot days, we will bump the air down and relax in bed watching old movies.

    • Tammy, movies in bed are the best thing ever–unless the bowl of popcorn spills onto the sheets 🙂
      I have the opposite with my laundry room-it’s the hottest room in the house. Enjoy your week!

  5. When we lived in the bay area we grew up without AC and most of the time that was okay because we only had unbearable temps several times during the summer. We now live in the central valley and having our home built with AC was a must. We stay indoors with the AC most of the summer especially during the hottest part of the day.

    • Lori-we’re inside a lot of the time during the summer in Houston–even at night the humidity is still hanging around and it’s tough to sit outside. I wish summer didn’t come so early to Houston-I think spring skipped us this year.

  6. We lived in Abilene, Texas when I was a girl and the only a.c. in the house was a window unit in mom and dad’s room. Dad would set up our kiddie pool by the back porch and take the portable t.v. out to the porch and we would watch t.v. from the pool…….black and white t.v., no cable. The house has parquet floors and if I got too hot inside in my top bunk to sleep, I would sleep on the rug in my room with both windows open, of course. The best part about moving to Dallas in 1967 was having a house with a.c.!

    • Michelle, I bet you had fun watching TV while playing in the pool–Wish my folks would have thought to do that! The first time I experience A/C was when I went off to college and had it in my dorm room 🙂

  7. I have a lot of Mexican tiles in my kitchen-dining room and it is the coolest room in the house so I spend most of my time there when it gets hot. The beach is 10 miles from my house so if it gets extremely hot I go to the beach.

  8. I grew up in a big old house in the country with no air conditioning but we did have a few window fans. Now I live in a small house in town but we do have air conditioning and I love to set on the couch to read and there is an air vent right behind it so its stays pretty cool.

  9. Summer is here with heat humidity and mosquitoes in Richmond, VA too. It’s pool time and grolling. When I grew up in Sherman TX we had central air but my dad said it cost too much to run so we used fans. I still love fans!

  10. Sorry make that grilling time oh and forgot going to the beach with a good book by my favorite author (hint) in my beach bag! 🙂

  11. Living in San Antonio, it’s very hot in the summer so if the kids aren’t at their friends who have a pool then we go down to the coast which isn’t that far and we spend the day or the weekend. They love spending time down there and enjoying the water. We also love going to the movies during the summer they offer free movies in the morning so the kids love doing that too.

  12. Therese by the coast do you mean Corpus Christi? I’ve never been there and would love to see it some day. We spent some time in Galveston since moving to Houston and aside from seeing the historical homes and the few blocks where the cruise ships dock there wasn’t much to the place. Lots of huge homes along the ocean but it didn’t have that island resort feel. Enjoy your trips to the coast this summer!

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