Do You Shop Online?



Online shopping has become the norm these days, especially for working mothers who aren’t able to shop during the day.  Plus I believe as a society we’re getting lazy…me included. Living in Houston with all the traffic, congestion and road construction it takes forever just to go to my nearest Target store to pick up a few things.

Here are the top five things I shop the most for online….

#1 Clothes

I’m 6’1″ 35 inch inseam and a small build…very difficult for me to find clothes in stores. If any of you are tall or know someone who’s tall check out these sites—I get most of my clothes at Long Tall Sally , American Eagle has extra-long jeans in some styles and Long Elegant Legs.


#2 Shoes

I wear size 11 extra narrow…shoe shopping is not fun.


#3 Books

I prefer buying my books at brick and mortar stores but I love the option on Amazon where they notify you when your favorite author has a new release. Many times I end up clicking right then to buy the book so I don’t forget. You can sign up for emails about my books by clicking the Follow link beneath my photo on my Marin Thomas Amazon Author Page.


#4 Vitamins and Supplements

I’m a supplement junkie…I’ll take anything that promises to keep my brain firing on all cylinders…what do I take you ask….I can’t remember…   zzzzsmile


#5 Unique Gifts

When I’m looking for something special or specific for a friend or family member.

What items do you shop online for most often?



32 thoughts on “Do You Shop Online?

  1. Just about everything.

    1) Groceries….. since living in Seattle and having to pay to park everywhere you go including work and apartment I turned vehicle in when. Lease was up. Hospital provides us with unlimited transit passes. It’s just not practical to keep going to the store because I can only carry back so much at one time. Having groceries delivered I can order more and larger quantities. In our apartment building there is a small grocery store where I can just run down for milk & eggs.

    2) Clothes…. can never find what i’m looking for in stores.

    3) Books… for same reason you do. I do however will stop at Barnes & Noble when i’m downtown or at the mall. There’s just no way to pass up all those books in

    • Sabrina, I’ve never shopped for groceries online, but I’d be willing to try it if for some reason I was laid up and could drive. I’m in the house so much with my writing that my trip to the grocery store once a week and trips to the P.O. are the only times I get out of the house some weeks 🙂

  2. I am ok shopping in a brick and mortar for most things, but when hubby says we need this or that, I pull up Amazon. I know he thinks I’m going to spend hours looking for a shop vac or whatever and then no matter what it’s wrong. He won’t ever go shopping for said item. So if he picks it out online, I’m off the hook.

    • LOL! Karen, my hubby likes to research products, especially if we’re paying over $100 for it so he’s the one who’ll shop online then he always manages to get free shipping or a discount so I’m off the hook when it comes to those purchases.

  3. Clothes. I’m plus sized and catalog shop for my dresses and other things. I also order toys and clothing for my grandsons. Since I care for children from home, I don’t get out during the day and shopping is the last thing I want to do at night and on the weekends.

    • Michelle, I never minded shopping on the weekends until we moved to Houston-no one believes what the traffic is like up here until they come visit us then they understand why everything errand takes three times as long as it should.

    • Willie, I like that Amazon keeps all the books you’ve purchased on record–there are times when I think I’ve read a book but then realize I haven’t etc I can always check Amazon and it’ll show me. Keeps me from wasting money 🙂

  4. Hmmmm have to say I’m not that big of an on-line shopper. I would rather go to the store and get my kids clothes, than taking the chance of buying them on-line. And I definitely can’t buy my kids shoes on-line since their feet are always growing.

    But I do admit I do all of my book shopping on Amazon of course for ebooks. I also tend to buy my makeup on-line with a Mary Kay consultant. Those are really the only things I buy on-line.

    • Wednesday, I never shopped online for cosmetics until we moved to Houston and the nearest Ulta store is six highways away from us now. And the few times I’ve been into one they either don’t have what I need or are so busy it’s like Christmas chaos inside.

  5. I shop online quite a bit. I buy books online, I love to shop at QVC for a lot of things especially during the holidays when I can have things shipped to my family who live out of state. Like you Marin, traffic in San Antonio is getting very bad, we have construction everywhere and it makes driving a nightmare!!! Shopping online saves time and you can do it anytime day or night.

    • Therese, I know S.A. traffic is getting crazy-we’ve been there a couple of times since moving back to Texas and we’re always amazed by it. My siblings live thirty-miles in opposite directions so by the time we visit everyone we’ve spent half the day in the car. I’ve never made a purchase on QVC but will have to check it out sometime.

  6. We don’t buy groceries online, but buy most everything else online. I used to love to shop, but now I hate it. One thing about shopping online is I avoid seeing bargains I don’t need and impulse buying. Also, if looking for something specific, think of all the driving and gas you can save shopping online. I have that ankle problem and have difficulty walking, so online shopping saves me more than time and money, it means not having to hobble here and there. Of course, I do still buy some things. We live five minutes from Macy’s and Penneys and dozens of other shops. Very convenient.

    • Caroline, now that you mentioned impulse buying…I’m guilty of doing that from time to time. And not only do we save gas but it’s stress free shopping at the computer compared to dealing with traffic and rude shoppers.

    • LOL, Sandy! My “going out” wardrobe is limited since I work at home and my daughter is always telling me I need to update my styles because my “dress” clothes never wear out since I don’t wear there all the time. I think books are among everyone’s online ordering list 🙂

  7. In the last few years I’ve pretty much shopped for everything online. Just this last week I had to buy parts for our water softener, garage door, dryer and vacuum online. That already includes the personal care products, clothes, food and books that I’ve already bought online this week. I love that I can find what I’m looking for and don’t have to fight traffic or cranky people 🙂

    P.S. I even love the fact that you can order prescriptions online and access your local library online. I got used to doing things online when we had our foster baby and then again when I was my mother’s primary caregiver. Made things much easier in my crazy busy life.

    • Lori, I’m all for doing anything that’s less stressful. I’ve gone to stores before where the clerk will tell me they only carry what I’m looking for online….taught me to check there first before I go looking for a specific item in a store.

  8. I do shop on line, not on clothes so much because I need to try them on, the size very so much. Shoes I need an 8 to 81/2 wide and you just don’t fine womens wide shoes in stores much. Also buy ebooks on line and other books because I don’t have a good book store where I live.

    • Virginia, I feel your pain with shoe shopping 😦 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn shoes that didn’t fir well because I had to settle. I always look online first for shoes before I venture out into stores. It’s sad that so many independent book stores are going out of business, wish it wasn’t a trend.

  9. I love to shop on line. For books – e-harlequin and Amazon. Clothes for my daughter at Victoria’s Secret (just got her 3 clearance bras tonight) Hot Topic, Kohls and more. We buy a lot from Kohls on line. My mainly buy shoes and groceries in store. I love to shop on line. It is so easy and much faster than in stores

    • Tammy, store like Kohl’s make it too easy to shop online, especially if you know your size and don’t have to try on clothes. Plus if you don’t like the item you can always take it back to the store and save on the postage, which is nice.

  10. I shop online for books and I do all of my Christmas toy shopping online. The main reason that I shop online is because I get money back with Ebates. The site is really easy to use and I get money back for my purchases. I also save money by shopping online at Walmart and choosing the pick up in store option. I have found several items that are cheaper on than in the store.

    • Rach, I’ve heard of Ebates but have never looked into it-sounds wonderful though if you’re getting money back for shopping online. I’ve done the pick up at store option several times and like it a lot, too.

  11. I love online shopping. Of course I buy books online. LOL But I also like for personal care products. I also love to get stocking stuffers through them since they have lots of unique items, especially during the holidays.

    I get email notices from several catalogs and try to shop their gift sales throughout the year. The only problem is trying to remember where I’ve stashed the items when it comes time to wrap them for Christmas. 😉

  12. Marcy, what a great idea to shop all year long for Christmas gifts-especially if you’re looking for something unique for someone–I need to keep an ongoing list of ideas for family members-now if only I could get that organized 🙂

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