Do You Shop Online?



Online shopping has become the norm these days, especially for working mothers who aren’t able to shop during the day.  Plus I believe as a society we’re getting lazy…me included. Living in Houston with all the traffic, congestion and road construction it takes forever just to go to my nearest Target store to pick up a few things.

Here are the top five things I shop the most for online….

#1 Clothes

I’m 6’1″ 35 inch inseam and a small build…very difficult for me to find clothes in stores. If any of you are tall or know someone who’s tall check out these sites—I get most of my clothes at Long Tall Sally , American Eagle has extra-long jeans in some styles and Long Elegant Legs.


#2 Shoes

I wear size 11 extra narrow…shoe shopping is not fun.


#3 Books

I prefer buying my books at brick and mortar stores but I love the option on Amazon where they notify you when your favorite author has a new release. Many times I end up clicking right then to buy the book so I don’t forget. You can sign up for emails about my books by clicking the Follow link beneath my photo on my Marin Thomas Amazon Author Page.


#4 Vitamins and Supplements

I’m a supplement junkie…I’ll take anything that promises to keep my brain firing on all cylinders…what do I take you ask….I can’t remember…   zzzzsmile


#5 Unique Gifts

When I’m looking for something special or specific for a friend or family member.

What items do you shop online for most often?



Summer is here!

Summer is here-yeah! In Houston that means high humidity combined with high temps and swarms of nasty mosquitoes.



I grew up in Wisconsin in a house with no air-conditioning and some summer nights it was unbearable and no one in the family could sleep. Mom would let us kids stay up late and we’d sit outside on the front porch and eat popcorn and drink Kool-Aid.


Here in Houston there are no basements and even though we live in a one-story house, it was built in the early 50’s with not-so-good insulation so it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Our go-to place to cool off in the summer is the movie theater. We see more movies in June, July and August than at any other time of the year.


 Do you have a favorite go-to spot in your house or a place you like to visit when it’s too hot outside?



Are you an Elvis Fan?

Elvis was before my time, but my friend’s mother had all his records and we’d play them over and over and dance in the living room. That memory has stayed with me all my life–maybe because way back then, we thought life was pretty simple–you know, before we grew up and realized differently.


There’s just something about Elvis and his music that’s always stuck with me….


When I’m writing my books, I like to bring in bits and pieces of the past if I can and while working on the rough draft of my first women’s fiction book for Penguin/NAL (The Promise of Forgiveness March 2016)I created a diner in the small town of Unforgiven, Oklahoma, called the Jailhouse Diner, and put that restaurant inside an Airstream trailer.

zzzelvis diner

The diner is owned and operated by an Osage Indian named Jimmy, who dresses up like Elvis. He even wears his jet-black hair in the famous pompadour style complete with wet locks falling onto his forehead and mutton-chop sideburns. Of course the diner is decorated with Elvis memorabilia.


Are you an Elvis fan? If not, what famous Bad Boy do you lust after?