9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m already a subscriber but I did want to ask why is the road to unforgiven only on Twitter. I ask because I’m not able to stay connected to it for some reason. My computer is in for work so I use my tablet. Thanks

    • Hang on Tanya! Porter’s book comes out in January, A Cowboy Of Her Own. Keep checking my Marin Thomas Author FB page and the Cash Brothers FB page this month because there will be giveaways for my Cash brothers books 🙂

  2. Marin,
    Not sure if you’re going to blog about favorite Christmas memories but thought I would share. When I was growing up in Texas my momma used to take me and siblings to an open house at the town manor where Christmas cookies and sherbert punch were provided . We got to ooooh and ahhhh over Christmas lights/decorations then drive around looking at Christmas lights. When we went to visit our grandma in WichitaFalls TX we went to the Burns display. Unbelievable decorations. Mrs Burns died and kids donated it to Midwestern State University where the display has gotten more amazing. Both my momma and grandma are gone and I am so thankful they gave me this wonderful memory. I now get a new decoration every Christmas. Who knows. .I might end up on the tacky light tour?! That will be an honor!!!

    • What a nice memory, Rosanne! And LOL on the tacky light tour 🙂 I love touring the neighborhoods and seeing all the decorations–it’s one of my favorite things to do during the month of December. And very interesting tidbits about Mrs. Burns decorations being donated–I bet she’d love that people still view them every year even though she’s gone.

  3. Yes they do. Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls TX asks for donations for the upkeep and additions to the Christmas display. If I ever come in to a nice amount of money I plan to make a large donation. We didn’t have much being a family of 8 so this was like a treat for us.

    • Another Christmas memory is when we were supposed to be asleep my 3 brothers, ke, and my two sisters snuck in after Santa had visited and played with some of our toys. I had my favorite candy cane pj’s on and didn’t want to go back to me and my sisters room. I wanted to play with my doll. However when I heard my parents talking I hurried back to my room. FYI we put everything back the way it was but momma always knew and never said anything. Lol

      • My other memory was when my 3 brothers were gone and all of us girls got exactly what we wanted. I got an 8 t rack stereo and 2 records Tony Orlando and Dawn and Carol Kings Tapestry. My momma made it happen. She always went above and beyond to try and make sure we got one thing we wanted when we had so little money. Thank you momma. You were the best!!

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